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If you are already a longtime blogger, most probably you have heard about blog awards. Yes, it is every blogger’s dream to be honored for their works.

However, it is one in a million chance to win such prizes since most of the awards are based on a public vote and a fixed set of criteria by judges. On the other hand, here are the top 3 best blog awards that you should know.

There are plenty of blog awards that every blogger loves to participate in. Here are the top 3 best blog awards that you should know: Blogger’s Choice Awards, wherein it has 36 categories, the Bloggies, annual blog awards in 30 blog categories, and the EPpy Awards, annual awards for websites that are affiliated to the media industry in any country.

Winning one of these awards can increase the traffic and attention to your blog; at the same time, you will be recognized for your work.

Well, it is always an honor to get such recognition. Plus, putting up the “best blog” banner on your blog will indeed feel you good and proud. As we move along, later on, you’ll get to know how to win blog awards.

Top 3 Best Blog Awards

These blog contests will involve your blog being nominated, whether you are aware of it or not. Some blog competitions will submit your blog for evaluation to see if your blog meets specific criteria.

Others will focus only on the design and presentation, while there are some blog contests, wherein the judge will look at the overall content of your subject matter.

Listed below are the top 3 best blog awards that you might want to have a look at. Keep in mind that not all awards are serious; some are for fun only.

Blogger’s Choice Awards

If you are into the world of blogging for a very long time, you may have noticed the Blogger’s Choice Awards banner on several blogs.

This award has 36 categories, which means your blog can be nominated in any of these categories. You can vote for other selected blogs as well.


This Weblog Award was an annual, non-profit blog award that started in 2001. It was the longest-running and one of the largest blog awards, not until it ended in 2015. The winners are determined through public voting on the internet. Bloggies has 30 blog categories.

The Bloggies were presented by Nikolai Nolan, which was covered by different major news organizations.

However, in 2015 Nolan announced an end to the competition since there is a significant decrease in visitor participation, wherein there is a lack of nominees to form enough spectrum of the contest.

EPpy Awards

The EPpy Awards are the annual awards for media-affiliated websites in any country presented by Editor & Publisher magazine.

It was established in 1996 to honor newspaper companies that did an excellent job of creating online services.

This award was initially given in partnership with Mediaweek and Editor & Publisher, and was named the “Best Online Newspaper Services Competition.”

The winners at the EPpy awards are chosen by a panel of about 40 media experts looking in-depth at the nominees’ content. As of 2019, it has 29 diverse media-related categories.

Aside from these three, there are other blog awards that you can still be nominated:

  • The Webby Awards: it is the most coveted international awards for mobile content, online film, video, and other online interactive advertisements.
  • The Weblog Awards: it is one of the well-known blog awards across the blogosphere, where it has already gained more than 1.5 million votes over the previous years. It has 49 categories.
  • Photobloggies: it is an annual award for photo blogs across the world with 25 award categories.

How to win blog awards

So, how do blogs win these awards? Well, it is the same way to win your audience by creating the best content for your blogs.

To win blog competitions, you need to do the following tasks:

Enter the contest or get nominated for a chance to win

While some competitions will find and consider you, you still need to look for contests to join.

To increase your odds of winning, you need to enter a blog contest that will match your blog’s content or must be suitable in the said category.

Let’s say your blog is about wine tasting, and you write different content about wine; therefore, you should not enter a contest that focuses on educational materials. In short, choose a contest that will match the following:

  • Your audience
  • Blog content
  • Your style of writing

Remember that not all competitions are worth joining since many contests serve no other purpose than getting hype and traffic to their website. Pick a contest that is worthy of your blog so that it will be something that you should be proud of.

Meet all the requirements

The requirements for entering a blog contest is extensive. Some will require specific web page design criteria, while others will require personal information such as your name and age.

Others will need money to enter the contest, and some will require subject matter related to the content focus.

Therefore, you need to go over the fine print and read it carefully. Ensure that you meet all the entry requirements required before you sign up for the contest, and you clearly understand what they mean.

If your blog does not meet the requirement, find another contest that will match your blog content.

Meet web standard and validation

Besides meeting the entry requirements, you must make sure that your blog meets web standards and their specific needs. Some contests will focus only on the blog content and style.

They are not after the blog’s design, such as meeting the HTML/XHTML or the CSS web standard and validation.

But, some will require HTML/XHTML validation, wherein many of them will require you to meet all accessibility standards, including section 508.

It is best to make sure that your blog is working well. From all the attention of those visitors and search engines, you can participate in the contest and win an award.

Impress the contest’s participants and judges

Before submitting your blog for a blog contest, make sure to impress the participants, especially the judges.

Well, it does not necessarily mean that you need to wow them with jaw-dropping design and style; it means that you need something special on your blog to judge, such as the content.

You may impress them with excellent reliable content, clear purpose, focus, objective, and overall look. It is essential to get a good impression and then maintain that impression throughout the blog, no matter what page the judges are looking for.

Most bloggers will put their all on the front page, and then skip the views, search results, categories, and archive pages.

If you really want to impress the judges, you need to spare some time to study the previous winners and losers’ content to determine what parts on your blog need to be improved to be nominated and win.

Check the quality of your content

Having good content is critical for every successful blog post. The better content you have, the more people will likely revisit your page and get score points to the judges.

Having good quality content is not about long articles and vivid images; it is about the quality of what you have written in the post.

Make the article look useful, readable, and sound good with proper punctuation and spelling. If it is a photoblog, make sure that the images are consistent throughout the blog.

Get the votes

For blog competitions that are open for online voting, promote your participation in the contest, and encourage your readers to vote through the following ways:

  • Add the contest badge on your site with the link to your voting page
  • Announce to your blog that you have been nominated

Depending on the length of the contest voting period, just remind your readers to vote for you. You may give them a short reason by writing great stuff about why you are joining the contest.

At the bottom of the post, you may include a link or the badge so that you will get the vote of your readers.

Besides, here are some tips to help you win blog awards:

  • Clear design and layout
  • Readable
  • Easy to access and navigate
  • Narrow the subject or the topic
  • Focus on your reader’s needs
  • Proofread (grammar and spell check)
  • Present your subject in an exciting way

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