Achieve the Matte Paint Trend in Your Home



Learn how to achieve the matte paint trend with these quick home design style tips!

Remember last year when matte was on everything, ranging from lipsticks to shoes? Well, now it finally finds its place in home décor, and it is as awesome as you thought it would be. From wall paint finishes to furniture, the matte paint trend brings subtle elegance into your home.

The matte paint trend makes your rooms look like they are works of a high-profile interior designer. But you don’t actually need a professional to pull this trend off. A nice fresh coat of paint properly dispersed throughout the house will do just fine. Here are a few tips that will help you enrich your home with trendiness of matte colours.

Come to the Dark Side

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Have you noticed how matte is the most alluring when used with dark colours? Don’t be afraid to be bold with your colour choices. Dark glittery finishes are way too striking and distracting, but matte can soothe things down a bit, and show the gentler side of deep tones.

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So, dare to go with dark purple, bold red, navy blue, or even black, which will treat your home with rich and comfortable ambiance. Create contrast with various accessories in lighter hues, pendant lights and artworks.

The Matte Paint Trend in Art

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The subtle splendor of matte paints is ideal for lavish living rooms and dreamy bedrooms. Framed artworks displayed on accent walls of these rooms will really pop against matte backdrop, and create a gallery-like feel. Just make sure that the frames contrast the matte hues in colour or material (e.g. glossy finishes).

Combine Matte with Metallic

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Just as matte makes glossy finishes pop, the shiny hues do matte a favor by making its presence even more obvious. Add some metallic pieces, such as lamps, candle holders, vases, photo frames, chairs, etc. This way you can create truly modern and high-end luxe look on a budget.

Go Large Scale

Don’t be afraid to use matte finishes in high-traffic areas and on large surfaces. If you complement them with different textures (gloss, shaggy, etc.) they can be really rewarding. Besides, matte finishes are really forgiving. According to professionals from DecoRug, matte floors can mask the traffic marks and hide imperfections. All that is left now is to add a different texture rug to draw all eyes to your pretty floor.


A small matte colour accessory perhaps isn’t very noticeable, but if you use several of them to create a collection of beautifully formed matte pieces, you will highlight their shapes and lines, while creating contrast with the prevailing décor. Another interesting way to play with decorative elements is to take one collection (e.g. ceramic plates), use matte finish on some of them, and leave the remaining ones as glossy as they were.

Brighten Things Up a Bit

Light blue matte paint walls living room with blue sofa gold accent lamp white curtains and clear coffee table Image


Darker hues are perfect for matte finish, but who says that bright colours cannot look great when softened even more? Matte pastels are perfect for vintage homes, especially for kitchen cabinets and dining room chairs, but they can work just as well in the bedroom or the dressing room. You can make your home uber-trendy by using matte varieties of this year’s Pantone twin colours – Rose Quartz and Serenity.

A Take on the Unexpected

Think about it, where do you expect to see matte the least? On those furniture pieces, appliances and accessories which are usually made of high-gloss wood, steel, glass or ceramics. Well, don’t you think it is about time to make a change? After all, not all that glitters is good. Give those pieces new finishes and you will not be disappointed by the results.

There is a practical side to refinishing your furniture and decor too. If some of your treasures are dated and worn out, matte finish can conceal the nicks and scratches, and make them new again!

When you manage to pull off the matte paint trend in your home, we bet all of your friends will think you’ve robbed a bank and hired some of the “Million dollar decorators”. Once they realize it’s all you, well, they might make you consider a career change.

Thank you to DIY Design Mom featured writer Chloe Taylor for contributing this guide. We hope you will find it helpful to achieve the matte paint trend in your home design!

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