Flea Market Finds & Dumpster Dives

I adore living in Brooklyn because I have access to some of the best flea markets and giveaway groups. It also seems that I have neighbors who enjoy having beautiful things but tire of them easily as I have found some of the most gorgeous antiques, vintage finds, paintings, and furniture simply by going for a jog and spotting one of those makeshift FREE signs. I am also not ashamed to say that I have and will continue to dumpster dive! I don’t actually jump into a dumpster sifting all the way through to the bottom…I swear! But I have found some amazing decor sitting curbside or in the trash room of our basement and thought nothing of quickly taking in these treasures and sprucing them up. Consider it my contribution to mother earth…I am recycling! Reusing, repurposing, and removing something that would be in a landfill. I fully promote the dumpster dive! Would you dumpster dive? If you are in the Brooklyn area, I highly recommend you check out the Fort Greene Flea I managed to score this Victorian Antique secretary desk for under $100 from a Connecticut antiques dealer who happened to be ending his flea market tour here at the Ft. Greene Flea Market. His original asking price was $350…I love to bargain. I love antiques, I love bargains, I love secretary desks….so this was a trifecta for me as I scored this piece for just $90!!!
victorian desk

Dumpster Dives

Now look at my dumpster dives!!!

Dumpsterdiving 101- If you aren’t a believer just yet, look at these fabulous finds. My treasures that were completely FREE!

madonna painting

victorian antique chair

black arm chair

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